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Friday, July 24, 2015

10 Dance Instagram Accounts to make you Swoon!

It's no surprise that Instagram (more than any other social media channel) has become laden with amazing dance photos and dancer accounts that give us all a beautifully filtered glimpse into the daily lives, rehearsals and backstage prep of our favorite dancers.  It is, after all, a visual art-form, filled with beautiful people, gorgeous costumes and a myriad of opportunities to create a magical shot.

Here are 10 Dance-Photography, Dancer, or Company accounts that are gonna blow up your feed with beauty...

Maria Kochetkova

Hands down, one of my favorite instagram accounts ever.  Maria Kochetkova, principal dancer with both San Francisco Ballet and American Ballet Theater (on the right) presents her quirky style and offbeat sense of humor while sharing her enormous talent and skills with behind the scenes rehearsal footage.  It's no surprise that she has over 100K followers!  I recently had the opportunity to talk to Maria about Instagram and she was so gracious and sweet - It's accounts like hers that are truly making a difference in breaking down ballet barriers and making the art form more accessible. 

(Shameless bragging:  She complemented my photos and the work I am doing on The Music Center's Instagram and reposted a photo I took of her in rehearsal.  So I pretty much am over the moon!) 

Roberto Bolle

I'll be honest - This account may make you blush!  Roberto Bolle is a principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre and looks like he was cut from marble.  His Instagram feed was recently featured on BuzzFeed and for good reason.  It's brimming with gorgeous photos, curtain calls, performance clips and rehearsal shots (hello stretching sessions)  that would make anyone and everyone fall in love with this gorgeous man!  Plus, I think he bares a strong resemblance to Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid.  

The Australian Ballet

I got hooked on The Australian Ballet's Instagram feed when working to promote a show they had last year at The Music Center in LA.  And, just like every other facet of this company, it's amazing.  I am such a fan of all things Australian Ballet - The dancers, the rep, the marketing and well, everything.  Follow along and get your daily dose of Aussie Ballet goodness.  You can thank me later.

Craig Hall

This may be one of the most beautiful feeds on the list and it's curated by NYCB soloist Craig Hall.  Craig artistically captures moments of his daily life as a dancer with one of the world's most famous companies, including interesting angles of rehearsals and fellow commuters on the subway.  In short, this is ballet photography at it's finest.  Swoon!

Benjamin Millepied

The current artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet and founder and director of LA Dance Project's feed isn't life changing, BUT it does has photos like the one above.... I mean, who else can capture a dance shot in such an amazing and iconic space?  Worth a follow.

Allison DeBona

The Ballet West first Soloist's account is as light-hearted as it its pretty.  It's the perfect daily feed for ballet lovers at all levels.  She also has a great blog filled with great info for aspiring dancers!

Brooke Lockett
Brooke is the definition of elegant and her Instagram feed lives up to that description!  This coryphee dancer with The Australian Ballet takes beautiful snaps of her daily life as a ballerina, and shares her warm personality in every shot.  I had the good fortune to interview her for a live-stream chat last year and ever since I've been following her instagram.  Through it, she displays an honest portrayal of her life as a dancer, filtered with positivity and optimism that is genuinely inspiring!  

Sean Suozzi
I don't know much about Sean, except that he regularly captures "real" moments of his fellow New York City Ballet dancers in a sort of "casting polaroid style" that's at once disarming and kitsch.  It's a good feed.

Sara Mearns

Sara Mearns shares life as a principal dancer at NYCB on Instagram through a filter of friendship and accessibility.  Her feed makes me smile almost everyday and gives yet another perspective inside this prestigious company... (noticing a NYCB pattern here?)  From backstage shenanigans to shots with her students, to her friends and her dogs, following her Instagram feed is like being invited to be her BFF.  

Megan Fairchild

Last, but definitely not least, Megan Fairchild (another NYCB principal) has an Instagram account that will make you swear all ballerinas are down to earth.  This ballerina turned Broadway star shares backstage photos from her various shows, inside peaks at her totally normal home-life and some of the best #TBT dance photos ever.  If you've been following my blog you may know I am a total fan of Megan's and her Instagram feed is just further proof that she is just an all around cool person.   

Happy Instagramming! 

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