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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

5 Dancers I'm Currently Girl Crushing On

I get so inspired by other dancers and here are 5 ladies who are my current favs.  Not just because they're great dancers, but they also come across as well-rounded women and courageously creative artists...

*  Celia Rowlson-Hall -
I've been a fan of Celia's quirky style and clever filmmaking for some time now.  Her choreography is at once accessible and strange, current and classic.  She's my kind of dancer!

* Megan Fairchild - 
Is there anything cooler than a principle ballerina conquering Broadway?  I've always enjoyed Megan's clean technique and precise athleticism, but the fact that she was able to snag the lead in the revival of On The Town on Broadway makes me love her even more!

* Wendy Whelan - 
The legendary NYCB ballerina just recently retired from the company after 30 years and her amazing longevity and inspiring grace is sort of rocking my world right now!

Photo by Henry Leutwyler

* Madeleine Eastoe - 
I recently saw Madeleine dance Odette in Graeme Murphy's Swan Lake when The Australian Ballet were in LA this past October and basically became obsessed.  She's an incredible performer, with the kind of strength, presence and ability you just don't see very often.  She's a true artist!

A corps member with Miami City Ballet, Rebecca writes one of the best dance blogs out there - Tendus Under A Palm Tree.  Always a good read and a refreshingly frank and honest look into the life of a working ballet dancer in America, I think Rebecca is pretty much as cool as it gets! 

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