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Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Spirit - In the Form of Giselle Act 1 - Mad Scene

By Heather Toner

Nearly every year, my parents throw a big Halloween Party.  And, as my cousin Kaitlyn so rightly pointed out, if I dress up for said party, I simply have to go all out!  No half-assing it for me!

This year, I felt inspired by my day job and decided to dress accordingly and continue promoting the upcoming performances of Giselle (to be danced by the Royal New Zealand Ballet at the Music Center in January!)  But my costume was a very specific part of Giselle's character development - The Mad Scene.  

Below is a video clip of portions of the scene, performed by Alessandra Ferri...I remember the first time I saw it performed, I think I was about 10 years old and totally transfixed.  I love the high drama, therefore Giselle instantly became my favorite ballet.  I got the chance to be a super in National Ballet De Cuba's production when they toured LA back in the day, and then danced as a "willi" with Milwaukee Ballet when I was 17.  

But no matter what I am doing in regards to Giselle-- On or off the stage, the Mad Scene remains my favorite part...Have a watch below and you'll see why I'm sure!  

Nothing is quite as scary as a young ballerina gone mad...

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