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Monday, June 24, 2013

Old Friend Found

By Heather Toner

Kara Wilkes and I were very good friends.  We were very good friends when we were just 17.  We danced together at Milwaukee Ballet and it was one of the most memorable, challenging and exciting times in my life - made all the better by Kara's friendship and her constant support and humor.  

Me & Kara in Don Quioxte, October 2000

We grew apart over the years...As so often happens.  When I stopped dancing it seemed like we probably would have nothing more in common, and we went our separate ways.  

But last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kara again and seeing her dance in Alonzo King's Lines Ballet.  She danced the lead in Scheherazade this weekend at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion -  A truly breathtaking work, and Kara was nothing short of incredible in it.  I felt so proud.  

Kara Wilkes and David Harvey in Scheherazade
Photo Credit: Gina Ferazzi, Los Angeles Times / June 21, 2013

I love that I was able to connect with this old friend.  I love that it seemed like no time had past when we linked arms and chatted after the show.  I love that, even as the years go by, we'll always have a friendship grounded in those seminal, tumultuous years when the world was a blank slate and we had no idea where we were headed.  

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