Los Angeles

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Degas Dancers

When the boy suggested we visit the Norton Simon Art Museum in Pasadena, I thought it sounded like a fine idea, but I was completely unaware that the museum's collection included a large selection of Edgar Degas' ballerina paintings and sculptures - Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised.  

I've always been fascinated with the impressionists work.  And I'ved loved the Little Dancer of 14 Years Sculpture ever since my grandfather gave me a charm of the famous work when I was about eleven.  I even decorated one of my first apartments with nothing but Degas prints I cut out of an old art book.  

I feel privileged whenever I get to see great works of art that I admire up close and the Norton Simon museum did just that.  If you're anywhere near Pasadena, I definitely recommend a trip.  Admission is only 10 dollars and they have a myriad of amazing pieces, including works from Van Gogh and Picasso.   
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