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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Too Much Tulle to Pass Up!

I have worn plenty of tutus in my day.  I even own a few, but yet I still couldn't resist splurging on this gorgeous full tulle skirt from Anthropologie.  It fits like a tutu, but is fully lined and actually, not quite as tulle-y as a real one, making it perfectly acceptable to wear to parties and fancy events out.   

It's a bit tricky finding a top to pair with it however.  I tried a bunch of different options, but resorted to a basic spaghetti strap top because that just felt right to me (closest thing to a leo.)  In any case, it's a fancy piece that is probably the single most impractical clothing purchase I've made in my life. But what can I say?  Sometimes a girl just needs a tutu.  

I'm pretty sure they no longer carry this skirt online, but here are a few other tulle skirts Anthropologie has to offer.

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