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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ruche at the Ballet

I absolutely love the clothing site Ruche.  Everything they have is so perfectly demure and lovely with a hint of vintage style.  Plus the prices aren't too shabby either.  Suffice to say, I'm a fan and I was particularly excited by their new holiday lookbook, which is ballet themed...

Now of course, I am thrilled that ballet seems to be cool and impressive enough (at the moment) for brands to want to try to incorporate it into their marketing.  But I still can't help but hate when I see images of ballet done really, really badly, like say by a model, who clearly never took a real ballet class in her life.
Just to start off, what the hell are these ribbons about? 
And could someone not run over and fix her arms?  Just pull her hands apart!

Is this supposed to be a posse or something?
Just no.

This may pass for a turned-in modern dance type pose, but no way in hell is that a ballet arabesque!

I know that, once again, I am being a ballet snob and I'm sorry.  I truly love the styling, the composition and much of the photography in this collection, but shots like these just make my skin crawl.  And while the background ballerinas are pretty decent (clearly serious students) even some of their positions could have used a helpful fixing in several of the shots.  But it's not them I take issue with...  In fact, their professionalism and technique actually makes the model's lack of ballet skills all the more apparent. 

I mean, my gosh look at that front foot! 

The thing is, ballet is hard.  Photographing ballet is really hard too.  And I can't help but get annoyed when it appears that people don't understand that.  They think it's ok and that nobody will be bothered.  Well I'm bothered.  Young dancers have to work really hard to get their pointe shoes and many dancers aren't even able to stick it out to that pointe (pun intended.)  I remember it being a really big deal when I finally got to put on a real professional-style tutu, but like my pointe shoes, it was something I earned with sweat and sacrifice and blisters.  

Anyway, I don't mean to be a negative nancy.  But as a former dancer I wish to implore all these brands to stick to clothes and leave the dancing to the professionals....Not non-dancing models. 

There, I said it.   But the clothes are all really nice!  All images from here.   

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