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Friday, July 6, 2012

Desolation Dances and the GoPro Camera

The boy and I have this thing we do....This project.  We call it Desolation Dance and it began out of my desire to play around with improvised choreography in natural spaces, but it is quickly becoming more that that.  It's becoming a way for us to capture our memories and travels through dance, music and film.  And we are having more and more fun experimenting with how to capture dance on film in a purely guerrilla style.  They goal is to not have any other person in our shots (that's the desolation part.)  We aim to make it look like I am the last person on earth, roaming from place to place and just dancing!  

We usually have a song in mind and a few bits of choreography ready, but beyond that, the whole thing is done on the fly and it really is fun!  We filmed a bunch of stuff in Kauai so we can put together another one, but for this shoot we mainly used our new GoPro camera.  

You've probably seen the commercials for it as they seem to get quite a lot of air time, but GoPro is a tiny camera with a subtle fish-eye lens that shoots HD.  It can go underwater and comes with a plethora of ways to strap it to one's body, bike, surfboard, etc.   It's really really cool.  And it was extremely reasonably priced too!  I think it takes our Desolation Dance project to a whole other level, plus it was lots of fun to play with in the pool! ;) The main challenge is that you can't see what you've shot till you upload the footage on your computer...But in a way that makes it even more fun!  Here's a snippet of footage from the Spouting Horn on Kauai to give you an idea of how it looks:

We are just beginning to put together our latest film, but here's a look back at our previous 3...Enjoy!

Desolation Dance number one from Heather Toner on Vimeo.

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