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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strength & Beauty - A Ballet Documentary

Ballet seems to be having its "15 minutes," as we like to say in show biz.  That is to say, it's pretty hot right now, and I personally think that's great.  I also think it's interesting and a bit strange that people are drawn to it now.  Like, why now people?  How did Ballet become this year's Vampires?  But whatever the reason, I think it's terrific that ballet has been embraced by the masses through film and television.  

From Bunheads, to Breaking Pointe, First Position to Pina - There's plenty of ballet to be found on TV and at the movies these days.  If you want to low down on all the dancing on film, be sure to visit DIY Dancer.  Their new summer series "Dance on TV" is a great way to stay up to date on all the arabesques on the airwaves! 

But there is one ballet film I want to be sure to tell you about today and that's Strength & Beauty.  This lovely documentary, directed by Chelsea Wayant, follows a year in the life of three ballerinas with the North Carolina Dance Theater, each one at a different point in their career.  And what strikes me most about this film is it's honesty.  Rather than focusing on the drama, the stereotypes and all the theatrics associated with ballerinas, this film peels away all those trite portrayals and shows the real women behind the barre.  It gives them a voice and explores who they really are, in and away from the studio.  

I think it's sure to be a refreshing and enlightening view of the ballet world...Something that I think actual ballet dancers have been wanting for a long time!  Take a look at the trailer below and let me know what you think...If you think this film looks as good as I do, be a part of the process and donate to it's post production via Kickstarter!  Go here and make a pledge!  You'll be helping to bring this film to an audience and you'll be a part in giving ballerina's a voice! 

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  1. This looks really awesome and promising. Thanks for sharing Heather!


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