Los Angeles

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Position

I love how saturated film and television seem to be with ballet these days!  Here's yet another ballet doc that is playing in Los Angeles this week.  The boy and I are going to see it on Wednesday in Santa Monica, and I seriously can't wait!  

I never auditioned for the Youth Grand Prix, but I did compete in the Los Angeles Spotlight Awards.  It was a much smaller competition, but it certainly gave me a taste of what that pressure is like...It can be intense.  Can't wait to see how they've put it all together.  

For listings go here...


  1. Gosh sometimes dance movies give me anxiety! Im a bellydancer myself bit the pressure seems no where near as intense as ballet can get. I took a year of ballet my first year of college to see if it would help me in my bellydance (and it totally did!) and since then I've been fascinated with watching movies that are ballet related. I actually danced with the dancer the movie The Company was based on when I worked at Busch Gardens. Thanks for sharing, I hope I get to see this movie out in my neck of the woods soon!

  2. Do you still wish sometimes that what is where you could be, being a big time dancer? Or are you a bit glad that you don't have to deal with all that tremedous stress?
    I know there are time i'd like to get back into Tap but i would never think i'd want to be like RiverDance quality.

  3. wow that's crazy intanse, but it seems like it's really good. I think I want to watch it now!


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