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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Desolation Dance No: 3 IRELAND!

When the boy and I were in Northern Ireland, back in January, it occurred to us that we should probably take advantage of the landscape and put together a Desolation Dance.  This is, of course, a brilliant idea except for a few small issues...

Firstly, it was cold, so I am dancing in a scarf and gloves most of the time, and in between takes I would immediately throw on my heavy coat and hat too.  This kind of winter wear made dancing difficult, as did the terrain - all very slippery and wet - as did my jeans and boots.   I didn't really think out what I could do dance wise given all these obstacles.  

So, that's sort of my disclaimer that my dancing is sort of simplified in this round of DD, but I think you'll agree that the landscape steals the show anyway.  I was so taken with the sheer beauty of the Irish coast, I simply HAD to dance there.  It felt like a magical place and anytime I hear this song I feel that magic again.  Enjoy!

(Oh also, it starts slow, and you may think nothing is happening, but look up the road and you may just see me coming!)


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