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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nutcracker Recap

This past Sunday I participated in a production of The Nutcracker for a dance school at which I occasionally teach.  As I have mentioned before, I functioned as a kind of assistant director for the rehearsals, and I ended up dancing the part of the Sugar Plum Fairy (as I did last year.)  

The show went so well, and all the kids had a wonderful time, which was incredibly rewarding to see.  I am, of course, knackered after the whole thing, but I was almost surprised just how much I enjoyed performing....I felt like I danced really well and it was the most fun I've had dancing in years.  I felt totally in my element, so jubilant and totally on my balance, which helps.  But after such a high, coming back down and getting back to my real job has been a bit of a struggle this week.  I call it post-performance-depression.  I feel like Cinderella the day after the ball when the tiara is gone and it's back to house work!

But I still have the memory of the performances and in honor of that, here are a few photos from last years performance....This year's probably looked similar as I danced the same part and wore the same tutu!  
Did you see any Nutcrackers this year?  Or maybe dance in one?  I must admit, for a time I couldn't even hear the Nutcracker music without getting annoyed, but now I love it!  It brings back wonderful memories....I guess I'm just getting sentimental in my old age!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Camp Ballet: Joffrey

I am really excited to see this film.  My first summer program was with Joffrey Ballet when I was 14 and I loved it.  And I remember being fascinated with Billboards, a ballet completely set to the songs of Prince, when that came out in the early 1990's.  Now I know several company members with Joffrey, of whom I am very proud, and I am very excited to learn more about the formation and early days of the company in what looks like a thrilling documentary.  

What do you think?  Would you go see this film?

Monday, December 19, 2011

I Made this Monday: Nutcracker Ornament

Over the weekend, I performed and co-directed a local dance school's annual production of the Nutcracker.  I did it last year too and had such a good time I just couldn't resist dancing and teaching it again. 

Basically I help to rehearse all the kids in the Party scene and the mice and soldiers in the Battle, along with helping set Clara's dances, her pas de deux with the Prince and the opening sequence of Act 2.   But for extra fun, I also participate in the performances as a parent in the party scene and the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Kingdom of Sweets.

Nutcracker is always a lot of work, but also a lot of fun!  It almost doesn't feel like Christmas if I don't dance a little bit of the Nutcracker Suite.  It's been a tradition since I was a toddler and as much a part of the Christmas Season as Gingerbread and Christmas lights!

So in honor of all that, I made a little Nutcracker ornament to give to the owner of the dance school as a thank you for everything she did this year! 
So cute and really simple to make!  You need: 

Half a clear ball ornament (you can buy plastic ones at Michael's that open up like an easter egg)

Piece of cardboard (you could use the side of a cereal box, or any piece of cardboard you have lying around.)
A Christmas picture - I scanned a card I liked from Rifle Paper Co, printed it at a smaller scale, added some stickers and voila! You can use any image you like...A Christmas card, whatever!

Glitter, felt, lacy trim, small ribbon, wintery stickers, gems and anything else you may want to use for embellishing
Use the half of the ornament ball to trace circles from the cardboard, felt, and your image and cut them out.  Adhere the image to the cardboard and add any embellisments or writing you wish. 
Next glue your lace trim around the backside edge of the circular image and then glue the felt behind that.  
Finally, draw a line of glue around the perimeter of the circle and adhere the half ornament ball to the front.  You can add fake snow or glitter to create a snowglobe effect if you wish; I just left mine plain.  Then add a loop with a bow for hanging and you're done!

 Happy Crafting!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Desolation Dance No: 2

The boy and I shot this way back over the summer and we just finally got around to creating the newest edition of our Desolation Dance Project!

Dancing in the grass in my pointe shoes was actually surprisingly easy.  This was a fun one to create and hopefully it won't be too long before we have our next installation of Desolation Dance Project! 

I'm performing this weekend, wish me luck!
 photo s_03.jpg  photo s_04.jpg  photo s_05.jpg  photo s_06.jpg  photo s_07.jpg  photo s_08.jpg  photo s_09.jpg  photo s_10.jpg