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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Camp Ballet: What's in my Dance Bag?

HI Lovelies!  For today's Camp Ballet feature I thought I'd do a twist on the "what's in my bag" feature that is so popular around the blogisphere.  Here's a little peak at the things I'm keeping in my dance bag these days....

1.  Leo's flat ballet shoes
2.  Red shrug
3.  2 pairs of pointe shoes (yes they're Gaynors)
4. Purple Leotard
5.  Dance Paws (hate these, but I hate dancing barefoot more)
6.  Ace bandage which I use a lot
7.  2 Ballet skirts, black and floral
8.  Spare T-shirt
9.  Jazz shoes
10.  Black tights
11.  Pink tights
12.  Dance shorts
13.  Legwarmers
14.  My favorite sweat pants


  1. cool idea! i used to have gaynor's too. i'd love to blow dry the arches to make my foot look better haha

  2. Gotta love a purple leotard!


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