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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

While Los Angeles is not historically the best place to see live ballet, we are definitely making progress towards a more ballet friendly arts culture.  Maybe it's just an offshoot from the Black Swan bandwagon, or maybe our fair city has risen to the challenge of "So You Think You Can Dance," being filmed right here in our midst.  Either way the month of March gives way to a couple of live ballet performances that I am certainly keen on checking out.

Los Angeles Ballet's Celebration:

My brother in law, Neil and his wife Katie gave me a gift certificate for LAB this year as a birthday gift and I'd like to use it to see this performance.  A mixed bill of Balanchine's Raymonda Variations, Western Symphony and a premier piece from Sonya Tayeh, this production is set to run March 5th to the 20th and promises to be a fun and highly pleasing array of classical and contemporary.  In all honesty, I am thrilled to see any Balanchine work being performed in my town, so that alone is enough to get me really excited about what LAB is doing these days!
this photo is actually from Miami City Ballet's production of Western Symphony...source here.. I just love that ballet so much, I had to include a picture! 
Silverlake Contemporary Ballet:

The Hipster happening community of Silverlake debuts their very own contemporary ballet company on March 5th at 7:30pm in Studio A on Hyperion.  Click here for more deets and tickets.  This is a collaborative company that incorporates popular music, film and dance in a complete evening of art. 
City Ballet of Los Angeles Peter & the Wolf Jump Cool:

I don't know that much about this company except that they are based downtown and are all about implementing outreach programs for young people in LA.   That alone is enough to make me want to learn more and see them perform.  But I am also intrigued by the title of their upcoming performances Peter & the Wolf Jump Cool.  Sounds like fun.  It's described as a mixed repertory, and actually isn't slated till May 26th, but it's definitely one to pencil on the old calendar.  

So as always, I implore you, if you're an angelino or will be in town during some of these performances, show the LA ballet community a little love and take in a performance or two.  If nothing else, these companies are doing their part to add a dash of grace to the city of angels and that's something to smile about!     


  1. that peter and the wolf looks good! i love that story anyway. i've only seen 1 ballet performance since moving out to CA from NY and i have to say, my heart belongs to NY dance companies :) but maybe i'm biased :)

  2. Glad to hear you are off to see some ballet. Get it booked!!
    Where will you be going to see it?

  3. Alycia, you're not biased, NY has some of the best ballet companies in the world! I'm sorry to say that LA doesn't hold a candle to the big apple!

    And Neil, we are officially booked! Going to see the Saturday evening performance at the Freud Theater at UCLA


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