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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dance is Visual

Dance is a visual artform.  (You may be saying, uh yeah, I knooooww.  But hear me out.)  While it's awesome to watch videos of all kinds of dancers, just looking at pictures of professional dancers can actually be a huge asset to your training too.  Whether you are just beginning or have been dancing for ages, images can inspire, instruct and enhance your own style and implementation of your dance training.  

This is especially evident in ballet.  There are so many details, little nuances and subtle adjustments that are hard to put into words and often are not things that teachers aren't able to discuss in just a typical hour and a half technique class.  Look at photos of dancers you admire.  See the placement of their fingers, the winging of their foot, their expression!  You can learn so many things from just examining photographs of dancers who are creating the shapes and the expression that we all want to achieve.  

Here are just a small sampling of ballet photos I adore~

 The brilliant Darcy Bussell

 The Amazing Alina Cojocaru
 The Perfect Paloma Herrera

The Stunning Sylvie Guillem

* I had a hard time finding sources on these, if you know credits please let me know and I will update the post!  Thanks!

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  1. You are always right on with your Camp Ballet blogs. I wish more of your students had access to them. Your years in the trenches could really help young dancers. I really enjoyed your blog about dance camp auditions. Great words of wisdom from someone who knows.


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