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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black Swan

I was lucky enough to get to see an advanced screening of the new Darren Aranofsky film Black Swan this past weekend and it was quite an experience.  I felt like it didn't quite live up to my expectations.  It's not that much about ballet as it is a psychological thriller that just happens to be set in the ballet world.  And I left wanting to have gotten a better look at the ballet world and all the interesting people who inhabit it.  This film just fell flat and was so over the top, it seemed just plain silly.  But like all of Aranofsky's films, Black Swan has stayed with me this week.  I cannot stop thinking about it. 

All the actors are great, but Natalie Portman's performance is spot on perfection.  She becomes that character.  The film did a decent job of conveying the isolation, the need for perfection and the stress that comes with being a ballet dancer.  But it also relies on every trite, ridiculous stereotype in the ballet book - Crazy stage mom, lecherous artistic director, fragile ballerinas, and so on.  It's annoying because it only enforces a negative perception of the ballet world to the public.  It felt cheap, un-researched and ultimately uninteresting.

It's definitely a film to see, but don't expect to leave with the feeling to put on your pointe shoes and perform....it's not that kind of dance film!

That little review leads me to my real reason for posting - these posters!


  1. Ask Uncle Wayne =^^= i've been privleged to get a poster or to from him, so try there or then maybe ebay ^^U

  2. Who designed those movie posters? They are awesome!


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