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Sunday, September 12, 2010

How to do a Messy Ballet Bun

If you have ever taken a real ballet class you know that there is a strict dress code and that includes hair.  Ballerinas are called bunheads for a reason.  A ballet bun is not a simple updo you can do in a couple seconds.  A proper bun requires pins, hairnets and lots and lots of hairspray!  Not one strand should be out of place, and the bun should be as perfectly symmetrical as possible...like a Cinnabun! 

Putting my hair in a bun day after day was maybe the thing that I grew to hate the most about ballet.  When you are doing it everyday it can take a major toll on your locks.  Not to mention, I spent the majority of my life telling hair dressers not to cut my hair too short.  "I have to be able to get it into a bun!"  That was my haircut mantra.

On that rebellious note, I give you the 3rd installment of the Bad Ballerina Series: 

The Messy Bun!
Disclaimer: do not try this in ballet class, your teacher will have a fit! ;) 

Here is the how to~

* Gather hair into a high ponytail, but do not pull the strand all the way through the last time so you are left with a loop of hair.

* Pull sides of loop to make rubber band extra tight and fan out your loop of hair as much as possible.
* Take bottom of the loop and loosely flatten against scalp in front of rubber band.

* Take just a few bobby pins and pin loop of hair randomly to head and in different directions.

* Pull out a few strands of hair to give your bun even more of a messy look.

* Skip the hairspray ;)

 And there you go!  A messy ballet bun up-do that could make Anna Pavlova cry!


  1. ur messy bun is cute, but so is that flowered top. & did u make the maroon flowered hair accessories? i dig


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